Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vivacious videoconferencing...

Skipped my day three post so here's a combo with day four: So excited to have actually finished my second assignment last night AND ahead of schedule. Now to get in a little extra family time today and get a head start on the last two assignments. Lots going on in class this morning! Today's theme: videoconferencing! Our first visit was with Kevin from Berrien Resa. He went to the ISTE conference in San Diego last week and gave us a whole list of great tech resources and ideas for uses in the classroom. Next, we conferenced with NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Texas. Did you know they have some awesome opportunities for schools to videoconference with them? They have lots of interesting programs and activities for K-12. Their website is: http://dln.nasa.gov/. Feels like Christmas for this sort of tech geek!

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