Monday, July 2, 2012

The final technology stretch!!

    Just started the second and last week of our technology class for the Summer. Learned all about long range district technology plans.  Looked for my district's plan online but couldn't find it.  I'll have to check into it when we (teachers) go back to work. 
     Reading an interesting book tonight called "Curriculum 21: Essesntial Education for a Changing World."   The most exciting and scary chapter so far involves the next generation of the internet, "the semantic web" where information is coded almost like DNA and manipulated by consumer at a much more sophisticated level.  I embrace technology but am also fearful of how we have the potential of losing our ability to communicate face-to-face: in the process losing our humanity.  On the internet, you can be anyone you are not or want to be.  In many ways you can say anything without accountability.  It distorts reality.  As we spend more time "online" we can lose touch with "onlife."  As educators we need to meld tech integration, curricular goals and "media literacy" so students can be critical consumers of their digital native world.

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